Beginner GESTURE Drawing (2 of 3) – How to Draw Expressively

This is part 2 in our beginner gesture drawing series. A lot of gesture drawing is less about a step-by-step procedure and more about developing your eye and getting a feel for what’s important and what’s not. That sort of skill requires focused practice to push us to towards the right approach. That’s what this video is filled with.

Part 1 of the gestural drawing series for beginners is here:

We are going to do a two layer exercise, where we simplify and then push to simplify more. Then we are going to do some blind drawing focused on movement. We will do an exercise in observing more than drawing and then finally we will do a last exercise where we push even harder towards simplicity.

We also throw in some extra quick tips for beginners about seeing the rigid structures of the ribcage and pelvis, and the soft flexibility of the mid-section. We also discuss the value in imagining yourself doing the pose.

During these exercises, we are going to capturing movement, simplifying, letting go of control, and putting down bolder marks.

We have a beginner figure drawing series too, and the 2nd lesson in it is all about seeing movement in the pose:

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The reference photos we used in this video come from the wonderful resource, the Croquis Cafe.

Music: Patent Doll by Freedom Trail Studio, Summer Love by the 126ers, Morning Mandolin by Chris Haugen.


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