Anatomy Drawing With Figurosity | Mannequin Muscle Placement

Welcome to today’s tutorial, where we’ll be working with Figurosity’s reference models to study the anatomy of the human figure.

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When it comes to drawing characters for a comic book, storyboard, or illustration of any kind, your ability to create a strong foundational structure for them to be built upon will determine their ultimate success.

At the center of that structure lies the Mannequin model, a simplified interpretation of the human figure that’s used to establish the proportions, pose and placement of the character.

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you the step by step process I use for constructing the mannequin model and how you can use it to not only construct the human figure from observation – but also from memory.

Then we’ll take that same mannequin model and use it as a base for the following anatomy study, where working from observation using Figurosity’s anatomy models, we’ll draw in the major muscle groups throughout the human body.

Whether you’re new to anatomy drawing or you’re an experienced character artist, the major advantage to doing regular anatomy studies is that it familiarizes yourself with the complex system of muscles that make up the human machine.

It’s our muscles the allow us to move with momentum, give us strength and fill out our shape. Without a proper understanding of how they connect and work together, there’s simply no way for us to effectively draw the human body in a convincing way.

And this knowledge needs to be refreshed from time to time regardless of how long you’ve been drawing, because after a while, we simply forget how this intricate system of muscles fits together.

To keep your figure drawing and anatomy skills sharp, regular practice sessions are an absolute necessity, which is where Figurosity comes in as one of the most powerful resources for artists that I’ve personally come across.

Figurosity includes a multitude of tools for figure drawing, but at its core it’s a resource with thousands of reference poses that you can view with a 360 degree camera at eye level, from above or below. You’re able to view their muscle structure, shaded form, clothed or unclothed body to study up on the precise area of character creation that you need to learn to ensure they’re drawn accurately.

The mannequin model structure you’re about to learn in this video serves as the basis for every character drawing I create. The anatomy study’s you’ll see me sketch up on top of that are also a vital component to the success of those character’s – so I sincerely hope that you’ll take what I’m teaching here and put it to good use.

Thanks so much for watching, until next time – keep on creating and keep on practicing!


Software Used: Manga Studio

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