Time Lapse Figure Drawing Block-In Demonstration

Block-In Figure Drawing With Pencil by Barnes Atelier Director Travis Seymour.

This demo drawing is from the life session in the studio where we promote the construction of figure drawings prior to adding tone(modelling). These ‘block-ins’ are as fundamental to figure drawing as basic grammar is to literature.

What we are constantly looking for in the process of constructing the drawing are aspects such as:
1.) Gesture(this is essentially the theme of the pose)
2.) General proportions of height and width(found through comparative measuring)
3.) Alignment of landmarks along vertical and horizontal axes
4.) Allocation of big spaces from which to drawing their integral shapes
5.) Shape drawing of all the parts
6.) Refinement of pencil work and line weight(which give hints as to the direction of light, and thus subsequent form to follow)


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