ANATOMY BOOK review & how to use them for life drawing

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We review 5 anatomy books that we own, going through their strengths and weaknesses. We also discuss how we use these books for figure drawing, which depends on whether you are drawing with references or from imagination.

While we discuss, we show some examples of studying anatomy by drawing from these books. We would love to hear your thoughts on these books or any anatomy books that you own in the comments below.

The video is in a different style to our usual videos – I hope you enjoy it. Let us know below if you’d like more like this, and also let us know about anatomy books you have and what you think of them.

We review:
Anatomy for the Artist by Jeno Barcsay
Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet
An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists by Fritz Schider
Classic Human Anatomy: the Artist’s Guide for Form, Function and Movement by Valerie Winslow
The Complete Guide to Anatomy for Artists & Illustrators by Gottfried Bammes

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