Still Life in watercolour – Robin Hicks – Colour In Your Life

In this episode Robin Hicks shows how to paint lemons in watercolour using a layering process and pre-prepared stages of the painting.

Join Robin in her studio as she demonstrates painting still life in watercolour, specifically how to paint lemons in watercolour using various prepared stages.

Robin Hicks is interviewed by Graeme Stevenson.

How to paint still life in watercolour with multi talented artist Robin Hicks.

Watercolour art techniques and tutorial for beginners or artists of all ages and skills.

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Materials used in Robin’s featured artwork is as follows – from Robin:

The brushes I use most of the time:

Hake, 1.5” flat

Alvaro Neef large round Squirrel size 10.

Neef non mop squirrel size 10 & 12

Dagger Brush ( didn’t use during filming )

Windsor & Newton pure squirrel small mop size 2.

Paper. Cartridge and  mixed media paper for sketching and preparation tonal sketches

Arches 300 gsm rough or medium surface full half sheet, 38 cm x 56 cm

Backing board made of masonite coated with a sealer.

Masking tape to tape down artwork for wet on wet painting

HB pencil for sketching

Putty needable eraser for watercolour paper

I use a variety of brands as I find the colours vary a lot between them.

However, with Maimeri Blu there will be a set palette of 6 or 12 colours soon to be made with my Name/Label on the cover which will be recommended for students under my tuition

Daniel Smith
Windsor & Newton
Daler Rowney
AS ( Art Spectrum )

During filming I used Daniel Smith, Daler Rowney and AS

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