How to paint a fried egg with watercolour

This step-by-step lesson on how to paint a fried egg is created for beginners and professional painters. In a few basic steps, you will learn how to paint a fried egg with water colour. You will also learn on how to make more details. Get started and improve your skills.

Tip: You can easily suggest more volume by adding shadows to the egg yolk (using less water).

Talens Art Creation
Talens Art Creation is an easy online video series where you can learn a lot about art and how to paint. The series contains a lot of different videos about painting with watercolour as well as painting with oil paint.

Art Creation is created by Royal Talens to teach painters a lot about different and new techniques. These videos help painters become more skilled by showing techniques in practice. You will learn how to paint flowers, birds, landscapes and much more.

The videos are suitable for everyone, no matter their level of experience. Watch and enjoy the videos from Talens Art Creation and become a painting expert!

If you have any suggestions for the Royal Talens YouTube channel, feel free to leave them in a comment. Perhaps we will discuss that subject in one of our newest videos!

Tools & supplies
-Water colour 12x12ml
-Water colour paper
-Brushes 6 and flat size 10
-Tear-off palette

You can easily buy them at

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