Hey everyone! In this video, I review the MozArt Komorebi Watercolors and Polina Bright’s Watercolor Brushes. I also show you the process of my newest watercolor and mixed media painting! Have fun! 😀

‣ p a t r e o n

‣ 6 h p a i n t i n g v i d e o

‣ b a d a p p l e a r t i s t c o l l e c t i v e

‣ A R T E Z A

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‣ M A T E R I A L S

Tracing Paper (Amzn US / DE): /

Fabriano Watercolor Paper (Amzn US / DE): /

MozArt Komorebi Watercolors (Amzn US / DE): /

60 Gouache Colors (US/EU): /

Polina Bright Brushes no 1 & 2:
(20% off Discount Code LIOBABRUECKNER)

Neptune Brushes round no 4 & 6 (Amzn US / DE): /

Neptune Brushes detail (Amzn US):

Luminance Pencil White (Amzn US / DE): /

Luminance Pencil 10% burnt ochre

Polychromos burnt sienna (Amzn US / DE): /

Polychromos yellow ochre (Amzn US / DE): /

Polychromos venetian red (Amzn US): /

Polychromos dark flesh (Amzn US / DE): /

Polychromos rose carmine (Amzn US / DE): /

Polychromos warm grey (Amzn US / DE): /

Polychromos cold grey (Amzn US / DE): /

Polychromos olive green (Amzn US / DE):

Polychromos Yellow, Indigo Blue, Black, Raw Umber

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