Watercolor Painting | Lovely Mother and Baby Whale

Today I’ll be painting a mother and baby humpback whale. I want to express how a caring mother whale helps her baby to breathe by pushing her to the surface of the water.

It is the only known mammal living in the ocean. It’s amazing to see such a magnificent creature caring for her young. I painted the reflection near the surface of the water to add some drama. I also painted the background with multiple layers of blue to express the peaceful ocean.

Today I’ll be using various sized brushes. First, for the whale, I’ll be using two different thin brushes with different bristle types. And I’ll be using a medium to large sized brush for the background. You might find helpful to see how I use these different brushes in today’s video.

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[ Supplies ]
Brushes: Da Vinci Petit Gris Mix 8, Da Vinci Petit Gris Mix 12, Raphael Petit Gris Pur 7, BABARA 20 R 4
Paper: CANSON Moulin du Roy 300g, 100% Cotton


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