DERWENT Drawing Color Pencils How To Draw A Landscape

Derwent Drawing Color Pencils are mostly known as a ‘Fur & Feather Pencils’.
In the video, I use set of 24.
First, I made samples of the colors. It was done for the demonstration purposes only. Those, who are familiar with this set, don’t have to do it while drawing. I use a photo of a landscape with 2 white goats, therefore, I decided grey toned paper would bring more contrast to them.
What colors besides white were used to draw ‘white’ goat? ‘Green’ grass? ‘Blue’ sky?
How to Draw a White Goat with Derwent Drawing is here

Don’t forget to choose high quality resolution. Click it on settings and choose 1080.

Pencils, pencils are everywhere…

Hello! I am a professional artist, and my channel is focused mostly on colored pencils.
I also used to sell art supplies before and am familiar with many brands.
I do have a ‘Napoleon plan” to introduce all of them here… so, stay tuned!
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