Speed Painting – Dog in Pastels – German Shepherd

A time lapse film of my portrait of a beautiful German Shepherd dog called Nell.

I made it using Caran d’Ache pastel cubes and pastel pencils on Fisher 400 sanded paper. I hope you enjoy watching…

To answer the FAQs that I usually get:

The whole painting took about 20 hours work in total. I took my own photos of Nell to use as references. I don’t use water or any fluids.

The background and some of the underpainting is done using hard pastel sticks – Caran d’Ache ‘Cubes’.

The rest of the work is done with their pastel pencils. The stick you can see some of the time is a Mahl stick, as used by signwriters. It’s just to lean my hand on without smudging the work.

I do sell my work and take portrait commissions in the UK (it’s my living, so please don’t ask for freebies!), more about that on my website linked in my profile for anyone interested.

I also offer tuition and run workshops. I make these videos from time to time because people seem to enjoy watching the process.

Hope you do too… happy viewing!


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