Small Business Revolution – Main Street: S1E7

Maria and Mike Smyth, co-owners of Eclectic Shoppe, a décor, art and gift store in Wabash, have a passion for what they do. Their love of travel and unique, locally made goods is what sparked the idea to open their own shop that would feature distinct art created by local artisans.
Amanda Brinkman and Robert Herjavec learn that the Smyths have poured their life savings and part of their retirement into the store – their future is riding on making it work. But in Episode 7, we see how this one-year-old startup is challenged with establishing a healthy, long-term pricing strategy that can sustain the business. Maria has had to return to work outside the shop part-time to keep their income flowing. The Deluxe team shows the Smyths how to create higher-end branding and retail packaging to support healthier pricing margins that will allow them to carry out their passion and keep their doors open for years to come in Season 1 of Small Business Revolution – Main Street.

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Championed by Deluxe and hosted by chief brand and communications officer, Amanda Brinkman with Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec; the Small Business Revolution is a movement created to shine a spotlight on the vital impact that small businesses have on our economy, our communities and our daily lives. Independence. Originality. Belief in the bold experiment. Now more than ever, the passionate values that built America drive millions of our local businesses.


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