Selling art online: learning from others and avoiding the ONE habit that will kill your art career

Are you struggling to make it as an artist online? Do you compare yourself to other artists? In this video I share a few tips on how to learn by watching other artists and and why you should NEVER compare yourself to other artists.

For those who’ve asked, here is a list of the studio equipment and products I use to create and prepare prints for shipping:
✨Rollo Thermalprinter:
✨the printer I use for creating my art prints:
✨Carl Paper Cutter:
✨ Canon All in One Printer for scanning my work:
✨ rigid mailers for 8×10 prints:
✨ rigid mailers for 11×14 prints:

See works in progress on FB at:

Find my prints and original work on Etsy here:

All of the opinions I share in this video are based from my personal experience which may not be the same as yours. There are affiliate links above which if used, helps me to keep this channel going. You are under no obligation to use them but if you do, thank you!


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