5 Things You Need to Be a Professional Artist + Artist Interviews

HELLO, FRIENDS! I was asked to make a video about being an artist for a friend of mine’s American Heritage Girls troop, so this video includes MY 5 ESSENTIALS for becoming a professional artist, as well as a handful of INTERVIEWS of artists that I know online and at my local art center.

I apologize for the bad audio quality of the art center videos! I didn’t have a lav mike and it was a very crowded day inside, PLUS there was a concert going on nearby outside… basically a recipe for messy audio! But you can still understand them okay. They did great answering my questions! Everyone did 🙂


Thank you to the following artists for sending or sitting in for the interviews in this video:

Brielle Duflon – www.brielleduflon.com
MeowMeowKapow – www.youtube.com/meowmeowkapow
Nancy Galloway – no website
Polly Breckenridge – www.pollybreckenridge.com

Thank you also to the following artists, who also sent or sat in for interviews but weren’t included in the video because I ran out of space!

Jack Graves
Brandon Noel
Laurie Thomas

Shout out to the McGuffey Art Center, where most of the featured artists and I are members – www.mcguffeyartcenter.com


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