Starting a business as an artist.

Turning your passion into a business is something many makers, creators and artist dream about. However diving into the messy business of starting a business can be a little overwhelming. It’s my intention that I can break down the aspects of starting a business into bite sized pieces that are easier to handle.

Let me also say there are thousands of videos that will give you business advice and I would say watch as many as you can handle. I’m providing you a basic road map, things that I did that worked for me, you’ll have to dig deeper into your local requirements to all of the necessary detail.

The domain search tool I typically use is however you can also use and

Check out LegalZoom for state requirements for filing an LLC at

If you feel confident that you can file on your own then do so, why pay someone to do what you can do yourself.

And to file online for your EIN (employer identification number) go here


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