Becoming a Professional Artist: How Long it Takes Pt 2

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In regards to your first job/when you first started making money from your art, how long did it take to get to that point from deciding to become a professional artist?

What was that first job/sale?

How did it come about?

What did it take to become a paid artist, what was it that resulted in the success? Was it your portfolio?

How much time did you invest in your portfolio?

How did you get your current job/what pathways did you take to become a full time artist?

How long did it take to finally become a full time artist?

Do you have any plans for the future of your artistic career?

What steps have you taken towards them?

I answer these question in this video. The visuals is me trying to come up with a Patreon Banner. I soon abandoned it and took a different approach.

If you’re just now coming into these videos, an art student recently contacted me and asked me these questions about becoming a professional. I recorded my answers on my iPhone and sent them to him. Then I realized other people might benefit from listening to my responses.


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