TUTORIAL How to Blend Soft Pastels

I sincerely hope you understand me ^^” if not, turn on cc 😉
I’m horrible in explaining so I hope people that want to try out pastels at least see what I’m doing here and how I achieve that smooth look..


Pastel pencil Brands:
– Caran D’Ache (fave skin colors / No: 581, 541 – the whole brand is beautiful and high quality)
– Derwent (colors mainly used are Flesh-P150; Pale Pink-P180; Coral-P190
– Pitt Pastel/Faber castell (color No 189 & 132; white & black is highly recommended as well)

Paper from Canson Mi Teintes – Pastel

For anybody who wonders what’s playing in the background:
BTS – 1. Euphoria; 2. Let Go; 3. Serendipity;
4. J-Hope – P.O.P

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