Flemish painting technique – Full video workshop

Underpainting technique – Full tutorial

Full tutorial for free ! VIDEO WORKSHOP OF THE LAYERED PAINTING TECHNIQUE OF THE OLD MASTERS. The video captures the complete painting process with a layered painting technique. This video tutorial will teach you how to paint a simple realistic still life from start to finish, from the preparation of a non-absorbent surface to the […]
Art Cooking: Dutch and Flemish Still Life Painting

Dutch and Flemish Still Life Painting

Let’s recreate a lavish spread of fine cheeses, pretzels, and the trappings of the good life on display in 17th Century Dutch and Flemish still life paintings. To support our channel, visit: http://www.patreon.com/artassignment. Recipe for pretzels: https://www.splendidtable.org/recipes/pennsylvania-dutch-hard-pretzels Thanks to our Grandmasters of the Arts Vincent Apa and Indianapolis Homes Realty, and all of our patrons, […]
Still life drawing with pencil | Time-lapse

Time-lapse Still life pencil drawing

#drawing #pencil #fineartacademy #art Still life drawing with pencil | Time-lapse Drawing Paper size 1 : https://amzn.to/2F8d0vU Drawing Paper size 2 : https://amzn.to/2JdqCsq Charcoal : http://amzn.to/2F4z6QD Charcoal pencil : http://amzn.to/2DY4BMT Eraser charcoal : http://amzn.to/2G4d3L0 Drawing tools : http://amzn.to/2DXA7KH source
Old Masters underpainting technique (Jan Van Eyck)

Old Masters underpainting technique

http://www.matejakart.com/en/ REUPLOAD new audio – The Flemish technique of the Old Masters. This short tutorial teaches you how to apply color for underpainting the same way as the Old Masters did. VIDEO WORKSHOP OF THE LAYERED PAINTING TECHNIQUE OF THE OLD MASTERS. The video captures the complete painting process with a layered painting technique. This […]
The Students and Instructors

The Students and Instructors

http://www.angelartschool.com Comments from students and instructors about the Angel Academy of Art, Florence source
Speed Painting | Stillleben Orange | Still life orange

Speed Painting | Stillleben Orange | Still life orange

Our teacher Ricky Larsson divides the creation of a still life into four steps. Step 1: arranging the still life The object of the still life, here an orange, is placed in a so-called shadow box according to one’s own aesthetic ideas. The shadow box has the advantage that you can determine the size of […]
Acrylic Painting Still Life

Acrylic Painting – Still Life

Learn the basics of painting with acrylics is in this lesson. More on this lesson can be found here…http://thevirtualinstructor.com/acrylicapple.html An apple is a great subject for basic painting practice. source
Apple oil painting time lapse

Apple still life Alla Prima – Oil painting – Jos van Riswick

New traditional still life in the style of the Dutch Old Masters. More info on materials / full tutorials in the description below: Another time lapse movie featuring the entire process of painting. You can get a number of movies as full tutorial here: http://oilpaintingdemos.blogspot.com. This includes all video material of the painting in question. […]
Art Professors Set Up a Still Life that Isn39t Boring

Art Professors Set Up a Still Life that Isn’t Boring!

Creating a still life set up with objects that you are enthusiastic about is an essential part of making a still life painting. RISD Adjunct Professor Clara Lieu and Art Prof Teaching Artist Alex Rowe work together to select and arrange objects for their still life set up, discussing as they set up the still […]
Skull Oil Painting Still Life from Start to Finish

Skull Oil Painting – Still Life from Start to Finish

Pavel Sokov is an oil painter and instructor who focuses on commissioned portraiture and figurative fine art. Subscribe to Proko: http://bit.ly/SubProko For this year’s Halloween episode, I asked him if he could film and narrate his process for setting up and painting a still life. To make it extra spooky he chose to paint a […]
Still Life Flower Painting

Loose & Impressionistic Still Life – Flower Painting

In this lesson, Alain will teach you how to paint a flower in a jar using soft pastel to create a loose, impressionistic still life. As he demonstrates, Alain will show you how to use underpaintings to bring excitement to otherwise dull colors. You’ll also learn how to suggest detail by using bold, painterly marks […]
The Academic Process part 2 of 3

The Academic Process (part 2 of 3)

Michael John Angel from Angel Academy of Art, Florence, describes the history and course of training involved in becoming a traditional realist painter. http://www.angelartschool.com source
How to Draw a Still Life Accurately PART 2

How to Draw a Still Life Accurately: PART 2

In this easy still life drawing tutorial, I explain how to draw a still life accurately in a step by step process. I start by explaining how to hold a pencil at arms length and using it to measure height, width and angles of objects. By selecting the highest object and linking it with others […]
Learn To Draw 06 Setting Up A Still Life

Setting Up A Still Life – Learn To Draw #06

Set up a simple still life in your own studio or kitchen or wherever, and start drawing what you see. You will improve dramatically! Check out the entire playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DJNi9fjDO8&list=PL1HIh25sbqZnkA1T09UtVHoyjYaMJuK0a Subscribe for more videos ► https://www.youtube.com/user/schaeferart?sub_confirmation=1 Setting up a still life and draw objects from life will be difficult at first but as time passes […]
Plein Air Painting Golden Gate National Park Stefan

Golden Gate National Park – S. Baumann The Grand View

In this video we travel with PBS, Plein Air Painter Stefan Baumann as he ventures into Golden Gate National Part and discovers a secluded place to paint in oils. Baumann host of The Grand View, Americas National Parks Through the Eyes of and artist, Inspires Millions to paint outdoors. To get a free book on […]
Basic Landscape Watercolor Snowy scenery wet in wet Arches rough NAMIL ART

Landscape Watercolor- Snowy scenery by NAMIL ART

▶If you like the picture~ please press Subscribe and Like~ Thank you for watching~ ▶Blogger ‘NAMIL ART’ https://namilart.blogspot.com/ ▶ NAVER 블로그 ‘남일 수채화 Gallery” https://blog.naver.com/terorrorist8 ▶YouTube ‘NAMIL ART’ Basic Landscape Watercolor- Snowy scenery (wet-in-wet, Arches rough) NAMIL ART 기초 풍경수채화 – 눈 온 풍경 (습식기법, 아르쉬 황목)[남일수채화 NAMIL ART] source
Painting Extreme Realism Trompe l39oeil and Alla Prima Painting

Extreme Realism: Trompe l’oeil & Alla Prima Painting

Baumann talks to his students about Extreme Realism and trompe l’oeil. Baumann is a plein air master painter and host of the PBS series “The Grand View”, in which he travels America’s National Parks painting outdoor paintings in oil of America’s western landscapes. Art collectors who love to acquire paintings of the West, still life, […]
Empty Chips Bag Still Life Painting 3D Art

Empty Chips Bag | Still Life Painting – 3D Art

3D Oil and Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Minimalistic and Hyper-realistic Still Life of an empty bag of Cipster chips by Marcello Barenghi http://www.marcellobarenghi.com ➜ SUBSCRIBE YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/marcellobarenghi?sub_confirmation=1 ➜ PLEASE TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS so you never miss a drawing 🙂 info: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/3382248?hl=en ➜ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/MarcelloBarenghi ➜ INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/marcellobarenghi ➜ GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/+marcellobarenghiartist ➜ TWITTER https://twitter.com/BarenghiM ➜ MY […]
Painting With You Desert Ep.3 Dry River

Painting With You – Desert | Dry River Ep.3

Desert Landscape – Each week we will start out with a drawing and add to our artwork little by little until we have completed it! The trick to creating nice art is to start with a sketch! This painting can also be done in acrylic. To vote for how you would like to see this […]