How to Paint a Still Life Easily (Grisaille in Acrylics) Part 1

How about painting a still life using the grisaille method? With a twist. In this case I am using acrylics to create a monochrome underpainting. This still life of pears is a nice lesson in monochrome underpainting. It helps you to see values better. Also it makes the color layers easier to mix when we get to that stage.

Typically grisaille will be done in oils, but since acrylics dry so quickly why not use them instead? I teach this method in my course From Acrylics to Oil Painting in 5 Easy Steps ( Once the Acrylics are dry you can start the color stage either in acrylics of oils.

In Part 2 I go on with the oil stage in color.

Please watch: “Oil Paint on Paper? Learn How to Use Oil Paint on Paper”


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