Portrait Painting Tutorial | The Classical Approach

In this week’s portrait painting video we will explore a more classical approach to oil painting. The painting process is extended to 3 layers (rather than just one) with the intent of making the process simpler to understand.

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The materials used in this video are listed below,

Oil Paints:

Titanium White – Gamblin
Lead White- Rublev
Raw Umber- Gamblin
Alizarin Crimson Permanent- Gamblin
Cadmium Red Medium- Gamblin
Cadmium Orange- Gamblin
Yellow Ochre- Gamblin
Cadmium Yellow Medium- Gamblin
Sap Green- Gamblin
Cobalt Teal-Gamblin
Ultramarine Blue-Gamblin
Ivory Black- Gamblin

Jack Richenson premium gessoed hardboard

Mineral Spirits-Mona Lisa
Fast Dryer: Galkyd by Gamblin (Layers 1-2)
Slow Dryer: 1 part Stand oil to 4 parts mineral spirits (Layer 3)

Large Sheet of Glass (took off an old picture frame and placed it over a grey board)

Simply Simons size 6 Bristle Brush
Princeton Catalyst Polytip Bristle Filbert size 4
Jack Richeson Grey Matterssize 4
Plaza Montgomery Round size 1


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