Exploring Pencil Crayons: A Colorful Portrait Study

In this video, Chris Hong delves into a study using pencil crayons, strategically selecting colors to streamline the creative process. The goal is to avoid constant color searches while working. The chosen reference image showcases vibrant colors, with a particular focus on red hair. Chris notes the challenge of capturing subtle shadow variations and flat shadows in the reference.

Approaching the sketch with minimal preconceptions due to limited experience with pencil crayons, Chris opts for a light yellow base to create a glowing effect. They navigate the medium’s characteristics, adjusting pressure for darker values. Color selection becomes a delicate dance, with pigmentation levels surprising the artist.

The video highlights Chris’s admiration for creators who effortlessly paint and narrate simultaneously. She expresses a desire to venture into live streaming but acknowledges the challenge of balancing art creation with engaging commentary.

Amidst the artistic process, Chris shares thoughts on her recent struggles with the direction of her work. She touches on the pressure of holiday season sales and the internal conflict of altering her schedule during a busy period. Despite these uncertainties, she expresses determination to overcome creative hurdles.

The study showcases Chris’s exploration of color, with a playful approach to layering pencil crayons. She reflects on the potential of incorporating this medium into her workflow, particularly if she were to use artist-grade materials. Chris shares both successes and frustrations with the process, emphasizing the importance of finding a balance between artistic experimentation and commitment.

Ultimately, the study leads to a vibrant and dynamic portrait, showcasing Chris’s evolving style and willingness to embrace new techniques. She concludes the video with a reflection on the ongoing journey of artistic growth and expresses excitement for future creative endeavors.


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