Hi lovelies! My video about the painting process of “Zeynep” is finally out! Yay! I am so excited, I hope you like it! 😀 I also unbox the paletteful pack premier box for March “Watercolors” and review them! I believe you can get past boxes too, just go check out their website if you want! ^^

‣ P A L E T T E F U L P A C K S

‣ ” Z e y n e p ” R e a l t i m e V i d e o

‣ l e s s o n s & t u t o r i a l s

‣ m a t e r i a l s:

‣ A R T E Z A

liobabrueckner1 / 10% off coupon code valid til April 15th 2019

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60 Gouache Colors (US / EU): /

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‣ o t h e r m a t e r i a l s

Koi Watercolors
Fabriano Watercolor Paper (Amzn US / DE): /
Neptune Brushes (Amzn US / DE): /
Luminance Pencil White (Amzn US / DE): /
Luminance Pencil 10% burnt ochre
Polychromos burnt sienna (Amzn US / DE): /
Polychromos yellow ochre (Amzn US / DE): /
Polychromos venetian red (Amzn US): /
Polychromos dark flesh (Amzn US / DE): /
Polychromos rose carmine (Amzn US / DE): /
Polychromos warm grey (Amzn US / DE): /
Polychromos cold grey (Amzn US / DE): /
Polychromos olive green (Amzn US / DE):
Polychromos Caput Mortuum (Amzn US / DE): /
Polychromos Yellow, Indigo Blue, Black, Raw Umber

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