Plein Air Oil Painting Tips and Techniques for More Success

Join me as I show you exactly how I paint on location and how you can too. From my thought process to some tips and strategies that will help you become more successful in the field. You can do this, and I’ll show you how!

Textured gesso ground recipe for painting on masonite:
2 Cups Gesso
5tsp Pumice “FF”
Raw Umber Acrylic Paint. I mix in raw umber paint, until I get the color that I want to paint on. Not too dark, but enough to tone the panel and get rid of the color of the raw masonite board.

Add the pumice to the gesso and stir gently until well blended. Once blended, add your raw umber acrylic paint for toning the board.

Using a cheap sponge brush, or chip brush, apply the ground to the precut panels in 2 to 3 coats (allow to dry in between coats), lightly sanding in between coats. If the surface is too rough after your final coat, use a 400 grit sandpaper to lightly remove some of the tooth of the ground. Enjoy!

“Guitar Backing Track Soothing Ballad A Minor”
Nick Neblo, musician/performer


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