Plein Air: Painting a Desert Landscape in Oil

Oil painting a glowing sunset landscape on canvas. I take you through the process of this newest painting I titled “Unexpected Beauty.” I was looking at this spot near camp off and on all week, but it wasn’t until the lighting on this day that I became inspired to paint it.

I show you in detail how I constructed the composition, the trees and blueish atmosphere. I explain my process of how I layered the paints, what colors I used, and how I’m learning plein air.

Auction for the original will be here:

Here is the lighting setup I use to paint in the tent and on the go like this (affiliate links) –
5000k LED 90+ CRI bulbs:
Clamp-on light fixtures:

My favorite plein air boxes are the Guerilla Painter boxes –
6×8″ Box:
8×10″ Box (what I use):
9×12″ Box:

The brush I’m loving for plein air #painting:
Mini palette cups for your mediums:
Mini brush cleaner cup:
Brush holder for tripod:
The tripod I use:

Here is a full list of the #art supplies I use to create:

Win a free art print:

My website:
My eBay auctions:


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