Painting a portrait of a little boy – demonstration by Ben Lustenhouwer

How do you create a lively painting of a little boy? In this video, renowned portrait painter Ben Lustenhouwer shows you. See how a master does it and improve your own skills.

The whole painting process is shown, from sketching to the striking end result. Note how he captures the specific expression on the boy’s face. See how he uses strokes of lighter colour to bring the painting to life. Use this as inspiration to improve your own technique.

Portrait painting with Ben Lustenhouwer
Ben Lustenhouwer is an internationally known portrait painter. In this video series, he shows you his secrets to creating lively, bright portraits. He does this by demonstrating four different paintings: one of a young boy, one of a young girl, one of a young lady and one of a mature friend.

For each painting, there are two types of videos. In one video, the whole painting process is demonstrated in full, allowing you to get a feel of how you can approach this yourself. In the second video, Ben zooms in on a specific aspect of portrait painting. He provides clear explanations, so you will be able to apply his techniques in your own portraits.

Rembrandt paint
Ben uses only the highest quality paint for his portraits. Rembrandt paint is manufactured to professional standards, without compromise. That means the highest possible colour strength is achieved. Take a look at the Rembrandt products at

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