How to draw a portrait from a photo

Drawing tutorial : In this video, I want to show you how I draw a portrait from a photo while trying to become more accurate for life drawing.

I make this drawing from a photograph but at the same time imagine that I am drawing a real person. Keeping that in mind, I don’t use any technique that can’t be applied to a situation where a model sits in front of me.

I don’t use tracing paper, grids, projectors or any kind of geometric measuring tool…
This video will show you a few tips that you can use in your practice to get better prepared for life portrait drawing. This exercise doesn’t replace life drawing but can train you for it.

These tips are good to train your eye to become more accurate. They are not really relevant if your plan is to draw only from photographs and rely soly on tracing paper, but they can make a huge difference if you would like to draw someone’s portrait from life and feel that you need some preparation.

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