"DaLawn" – Portrait Drawing by David Jamieson

Watch David Jamieson draw a portrait from start to finish.

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This drawing method is presented in full in our portrait drawing online course available now on our website!

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The course is divided into 5 units: Introduction, Blocking-In, Structuring the Features, Keying the Drawing and Modeling Form. Each unit is sub-divided into specific “lessons” that unfold sequentially as the drawing develops. Key concepts are raised and re-visited as they become relevant during the demo, while David draws and talks through his decisions in real time.

The online course features:

• 26 distinct lessons
• 10 hours of video: nearly every pencil stroke is recorded
• A complete start-to-finish portrait demonstration
• Diagrams and animations to illustrate key concepts
• A thorough discussion of drawing materials and their uses
• Detailed supporting documentation
• Question & Answer forum on each lesson page
• Optional one-on-one personal critique service available for students (additional charge)

This offering from Vitruvian Studio is unique among portrait drawing courses online. The length and breadth of the presentation is currently unmatched by any other online class — and is well over 3 times longer than even the heftiest instructional DVD set on the market. Add to this the wealth of supporting documentation and discussion threads throughout the course, and it’s clear that Portrait Drawing — The Online Course is the best value in drawing instruction available on the internet.


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