How to draw a realistic portrait with Arteza colored pencils?

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Professional Colored Pencils (Set of 72)
Professional Watercolor Pencils (Set of 72)

9X12″ Drawing Pad (80b/130g, 80 Sheets, 2 Pack)×12-drawing-pad-80b-130g-80-sheets-2-pack-1?a_aid=Youtube_SergeyGusev&a_bid=c2ed3a42
Sketch Book 5.5X8.5″ (68lb/100g, 100 Sheets, 3 Pack)×8-5-sketch-book-68lb-100g-100-sheets-3-pack?a_aid=Youtube_SergeyGusev&a_bid=04a388a7
9×12″ Sketch Book (68lb/100g, 100 Sheets, 2 Pack)×12-sketch-book-100-sheets-2-pack?a_aid=Youtube_SergeyGusev&a_bid=4806b20a
11×14″ Acrylic Pad (16 Sheets) 2 Pack×14-acrylic-pads-16-sheets?a_aid=Youtube_SergeyGusev&a_bid=55824f15

9×12″ Canvas Panel (Pack of 14)×12?a_aid=Youtube_SergeyGusev&a_bid=6d7b589a
12×12″ Stretched Canvas (Pack of 8)×12-stretched-canvas-pack-of-8?a_aid=Youtube_SergeyGusev&a_bid=682b2f62

Oil Premium Artist Paints Set – 24 Colors (24 x 12 ml)
Acrylic Premium Artist Paints Set – 60 Colors (60 x 22 ml)
8×10″ Stretched Canvas (Pack of 12)×10-stretched-canvas-pack-of-12?a_aid=Youtube_SergeyGusev&a_bid=fa207df0
11×14″ Stretched Canvas (Pack of 8)×14?a_aid=Youtube_SergeyGusev&a_bid=e246e859
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