Large Pastel Drawing Set-Up

Large Pastel Drawing Set-Up

For me, making large, oversized pastel drawings can be pretty messy and dirty. Colored dust ends up everywhere in the studio. Then, add clean up time afterwards and you have lots of your creative time going toward maintenance!

The large drawing paper is pinned to the wall and hangs vertically, causing the pastel and charcoal dust to float everywhere — or drops to the floor… and the mess continues! To minimize this problem, construct a cardboard “trough” – a catch try for the falling pastel pieces and dust. If you mount the trough directly underneath the drawing paper, the loose particles are caught and the broken pieces of charcoal and pastel are reused and not wasted.

Look at the video!

It’s a simple idea… small, broken pieces are reused and clean up afterwards is quicker!

And… as a reminder, the drawings are finally fixed and sealed with SpectraFix spray. It is casein (milk without whey) and has been used for centuries to protect charcoal, pastel and YES! watercolors. Casein was used to protect the final painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, a watercolor on wet plaster. So, have you seen it lately? SpectraFix works. Who am I to argue with this tried and true fixative.


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