Testing fixatives for pastels on paper & canvas – Xrissart

Chrissy from Xrissart channel, has tested many fixatives for pastel. Maybe you can stabilize a little the pastel’s powder but fixative in my opinion it should be avoided because it makes change the colors especially the lighter ones. In this video you can watch how different brand of fixatives perform on paper and canvas….frankly, I’m not impressed, I still prefer put my pastel paintings under glass I need to protect them. 


Fixatives for Pastels and Graphite on Paper and Canvas 2019

I invite you to view this demonstration where I show you various fixatives and testing which one is the best to use.


Krylon – Workable Fixatif
Winsor & Newton Professional Fixative
Schmincke – Pastell Fixative
Micador Fixative
Helmar Crystal Kote Fixative
Brush & Pencil Textured Fixative (please note this fixative is used for coloured pencils only and not recommended for Pastels)

Art supplies used:-

Pastelmat by Clairfontaine
Fredrix Canvas
Soft Pastels
Pastel Pencils

Livestream – https://youtu.be/9NipeqcGoso

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