Sunset Mountain Dirt Road Painting Tutorial – PASTEL LESSON

Follow along, with Amy Pearce Stone of Her Art from the Attic, to learn how to paint this mysterious dirt road leading to a fiery mountain sunset, using soft pastels. We will discuss basic soft pastel techniques and tips.

-Lesson Reference Kit (Including: original photo, sketch map, gray-scale photo, Color map over photo, color map without photo, acrylic and oil paint color mixing recipes). DOWNLOAD LESSON REFERENCE KIT, HERE:

-Soft Pastels-blues, greens, reds, browns, yellows, purples (I’m using Unison Colour Soft Pastels, Landscape 36 Set, Colours: Grey 27, Y5, Y4, Y16, Y17, RE 16, RE 16, BE 6, BE 9, BE 16, BE 18, A 27, A 29, ! 30, A 31, BV 7, BV 9, BV 13, BV 17, GREEN 17, GREEN 18, BGE 17, YGE 5, YGE 18)
-Pastel Paper (I’m using soft orange pastel paper by Canson)
-Paper Towels

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