Is it TOO LATE to learn to draw & be a good artist?

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How old is too old to become an artist? Am I too late to learn to draw? These are questions people ask whether they are in their 20s or 80s. Somehow there’s a perception that you’ll never be great at drawing unless you were practising from the time you were in nappies.

Often people quit drawing and want to come back to it, or just always wanted to try but never started, and now think the opportunity is gone forever.

In this video, we are going to examine these ideas and figure out when is too late and how long you’ll need to become a ‘good artist’. I use some funky graphs, examples from my favourite artists, and do some life drawing at the same time. Plus I draw some little fox characters, because there have been a lot around here recently.

I think I got the age of Van Gogh wrong on those two images where I say ‘by 30-31, his skills were developing’. I think he did those around 33-34 years old.

If you’re worried that you are starting to learn too late, I really recommend our ‘Life Drawing Success’ guide, which is about my story with drawing (link is above), your mindset and the doubts that can affect your art.

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