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Today’s work first draws a rough outline with a pencil and then fills it with paint.
If the styling is the skeleton of the oil painting, the situation and the brushstroke shaping are the body of the oil painting, then the color is undoubtedly the blood of the oil painting. The body without blood is inanimate. The solution to the color in oil painting is not equal to the color of the sketch, but the function of directly participating in the structure and shaping. We say that oil paintings without a good color feel are lacking in charm. The color relationship is a comparison of the complementary factors between the color blocks in the picture and the warm and cold feelings of the body color in the space. These two contrasts are the dialectic of color extracted in nature. In people’s visual experience, red and green, cold and warm are always opposites. Harmony exists because of opposition. Without the preciousness of green, there is no red fullness. Without cold existence, there is no need for warmth. . The contrast of colors is the ability to express space and volume independently. The transformation of shapes in oil paintings is not entirely determined by sketching and darkness. Many of them are realized by the relationship between color and warmth.
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