Preview | Classical Painting: The Realist Sight Size Method with Judith Kudlow

ArtistsNetwork.TV invites you to preview Classical Painting: The Realist Sight-Size Method with Judith Kudlow for an introduction to realism and the sight-size method working from a still-life set up. Join Judith in her Spanish Harlem atelier to learn how to set up a still life and make size measurements based on what your eyes actually see. You’ll learn to stand back from your painting and use plumb lines to mark off the height of the objects of your still life. You’ll also learn how to determine and mix all of your colors before you make the first brush stroke. Finally, you’ll learn how to give form to the objects in your painting to achieve a natural, realistic look.

Then, visit http://ArtistsNetwork.TV for access to the materials lists and to stream the entire video to learn all about realistic painting using these easy painting techniques.

Judith Kudlow maintains a studio and atelier in a century-old cabinetmaker’s building in New York City. She studied painting with acclaimed classical painters in New York and Italy. Her working method is based on the 19th-century academic tradition that emphasizes working from life to produce paintings based on precise drawing, careful modeling to produce the three-dimensional illusion, harmonious and accurate colors and values, and compositions based on time-honored rules.


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