Dog portrait, oil painting time-lapse, speed-painting

Dog portrait painting of “Denzil”, 10×12 inches oil paint on canvas in my ‘Finest Style”.

I have two styles of oil paintings.
With both styles, I aim for life-like portraits, rather than hyper-realism; more about the life and personality of the animal shining through, above obsessive painting of detail.
Most people’s photographs, don’t have great detail anyway and besides, other factors tell us about the Soul of our dogs.

1. FINE QUALITY ( not so realistic, but likeness is still just as important. This style is more painterly, relaxed and modern, well suited to source photos that are of an everyday quality for most people, such as taken by mobile devices. )
2. FINEST QUALITY – THIS SAMPLE ( more realistic, within the limits of the source photos, with great attention to detail, so fur looks like fur, noses look like noses and eyes like eyes! – but very good source photos are needed for this. This is a classically inspired style of oil painting, but takes longer to execute than the second style, as layers are built up over each other for the desired effect of depth and life. )

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