Painting a Dog Portrait in Acrylics

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Hello Everyone! Welcome to another animal art painting tutorial for stress relief. In today’s tutorial I’m going to teach you how to paint your dog in just 1-hour or less. Our pet model is Olive the dingo dog.

? Traceable + Reference Photo

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? Books by Lauren:
1) The Creative Color Guide:
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? Free Owl Acrylic Painting Tutorial:
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? My Most Used Supplies:
Master’s Touch Paint (small pack):
Master’s Touch Paint (large pack):
Benecci Brush Set:
Detail Brush Set:
Mixed Media Sketchbook Canon:
Golden Brand Liquid Titanium White:
Glass Paint Palette:

? Olive the Dingo Instagram:

Acrylic Paint:
1) Titanium White
2) Mars Black
3) Lake Blue
4) Phthalocyanine Blue
5) Raw Sienna
6) Burnt Sienna
7) Permanent Red
8) Vermilion Orange
9) Cadmium Yellow
10) Naples Yellow
11) Portrait Pink

Small Flat Brush
Medium Flat Brush
Large Flat Brush
Small Round Detail Brush

8” x 10” cotton canvas

Glass or Plastic Water Cup
Paper Towel or Old Cloth
Plastic or Paper Plate for Paint Palette
Charcoal Transfer Paper:


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