How to Paint Sunsets | Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Painting Sunsets are really fun. In this tutorial, I give you a, step by step, instruction on how to paint sunsets and my best painting tips to help you paint your own sunsets. Remember to be creative and use what you learn to paint your own original sunset paintings.

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Here are the basic steps to painting a sunset.
Step 1: Paint bright colors.
Step 2: Paint cool and gray colors
Step 3: Add drama by layering colors with less blending.
Step 4: Paint Foreground

Here are the painting tips for painting sunsets.
Tip #1 – Photos don’t capture sunsets the way we see them. Remember the colors you see and use a photo for composition. Paint the colors from a photo reference more vibrant.

Tip #2 – To make sunsets AMAZING use vibrant colors among grays. The gray colors will make the vibrant colors look bolder.

Tip #3 – For depth create layers in your foreground with dark colors and/or bring some of the colors from your sunset into the foreground. Reflections such as on water bring the sunset colors down in the foreground while mountains or trees create silhouettes that darken as they get closer.

I hope you found this helpful. Thank you for watching, liking, and taking the time to leave me your comments. ?

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