Realistic Details, Discovering New Techniques, Wildlife Art

I share new techniques and how they’ve led me to a better painter in this video. Sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective to learn and improve as an artist. I also take you through my newest oil on canvas #painting which features a pintail drake.

It’s so great to get back to painting some #wildlife again. As I get out to gather more reference this summer I hope to start including a lot more wildlife moving forward.

Looking for longer, more detailed painting videos & reference photos?
Available here:

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Here is a list of the #art supplies I use to create:
Liquin imapsto:
Liquin Original:
The brush I used to paint this:

===How I Film My Paintings===(affiliate links)
The main camera I use:
My preferred lens:
With this lens adapter:

My smaller camera:
Microphone for voice over:
Tripod arm:
My small tripod:

The lighting I use:
5000k 96 CRI Fluorescent lamps:

My website:
My eBay auctions:


Thanks for watching! (:


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