Beginner Figure Drawing (7 of 10) – MEASUREMENTS for PROPORTIONS

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This lesson is about three techniques you can use to make sure the angles, alignments and lengths and distances in your drawings are similar to those in the pose you’re drawing. These techniques will help with proportions and positioning.

We won’t always want to be so analytical and worried about ‘correctness’, but it sometimes it really helps, and also remember all of these exercises will train up the observational strength in our eye.

This is part of our free First Steps mini-course for beginners and people starting to learn life drawing. It’s designed to give you a structured series of exercises, tips and lessons that will build your life drawing confidence.

There’s so much to learn at once, so we want to support you through the early stages, without overloading you with skills that can be learned later in the journey.

We hope you enjoy it! Learn more about the First Steps course at and please subscribe to this channel for future lessons – we’ve got some great ones prepared!

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