6 Step Creative Process That Can Unleash Your Creativity | Art Vlog 2

The creative process: The 2nd episode in my Art Vlog.
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Swiss American Artist Robert Fuerer shares his perspective on the creative process. Fuerer reveals the secret Creative Process that allows artist like Picasso and Jasper Johns make works that seem so innovative.

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Fuerer’s 6Fs

1. Faith: in yourself and your craft: This comes from preparation through education, and trips to the museum or hitting that 10,000 hr Mark.

2. Find: Look for inspiration look outwards than inwards.

3. Frame: (Not the type around a picture but to conceive or imagine your idea) Prepare, sketch out your initial thoughts questions, discussions, thumbnails, and prelims

4. Figure: Not the model you draw, Figure out and decide the best direction. Be self-critical Evaluate is this an idea worth doing

5.Form: combine to create something. 1 percent inspiration meets 99% perspiration. arranging, designing and assembling, rework, move and remove,

6. Flesh out, Finish, or Flush.
A: Flesh out something is to give it substance, or to make it fuller or more nearly complete. self-assess
B. Finish-The “F” word add the final details, color, presentation exhibit, add to portfolio
C: Flush- It’s done and you hate it, good thing destruction is a form of creation.

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