Developing Creativity

Finding Your Strength Through Creativity
Creativity can be likened to a muscle mass.  It needs to be exercised and strengthened so that it does not decrease with age or remain dormant.  Just as we use willpower to exercise in order to build muscle, we can also consciously decide to build the skills that prevent the decline of creativity.

J. M. Barrie who wrote the iconic children’s story Peter Pan attributed doubt to losing our ability to fly.  He said: “The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings”.  This is a metaphor for what we need to do to create and be all that we can be.

Overcoming Obstacles
But I believe we can learn to overcome doubt and get back our wings and ability to fly.  Creativity can be viewed as a form of power.  It includes a process by which we according to what the word means, “make, bring forth, produce, beget”.

Most people think that creativity is a genetically determined trait, just like intelligence.  However, new research is proving that to be incorrect.  The capacity to be creative is hardwired into each person’s brain.  According to Jonah Lehrer wrote the book ‘Imagine: How Creativity Works’.  He said the mind “has the creative impulse built into its operating system”.

Our Innate Abilities
We are all born creative.  The extent to which we can use the power of our innate creativity throughout life depends on us.  Understanding the source of creativity and how to access it helps us in many ways.  Not only does it help us to write, but it also help us solve daily problems and attain our true potential.  It can be used for the greater good of all.

Unlocking our creative potential reminds me of the teachings of Yoda, the master teacher of Jedi warriors in Star Wars.  One of the skills Yoda taught his pupil, Luke Skywalker, was how to harness what he called the power of the Force.  Creativity is a lot like the Force.  In some ways, we are like Jedi in training, learning how to harness that power.

Creativity is Liberation
But first we must liberate ourselves from the power of the dark side.  This comes from the culture and our internal critic that tries to squash our power, the creative drive.  We need to tame the brutal inner critic who stalks us, keeping us from getting started or finishing.  Then we can make way for our creative side to shine.

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