8 Ways to Ignite Creativity (radio documentary)

Tristan Laurillard in conversation with artists about methods to stimulate creative pursuits.

1) Constraints
2) Shapeshifting
3) Theft
4) Changing The Rules Of The Game
5) Alternate Craftsmanship
6) Aleatoricism
7) Immersion
8) Unusual Mental States

Contributors: Neil Biggin, Alan Laurillard, Ole Juul, Pauline Le Bel, Kedrick James, Tony Overwater, Lisa Cay Miller

Radio documentary, released in 2015.

■ Download mp3 → https://archive.org/download/thenots001/1.mp3
■ Download wav → https://archive.org/download/thenots001/1.wav
■ Transcript → http://thenots.com/1/transcript/
■ Slideshow photos → http://laurillard.com/photos/

License: CC BY-NC 3.0


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