How Artists Learn-Painting Without Fear

In this video PBS Stefan Baumann talks about how artist learn and how to paint without fear, why most people don’t do art, and how we can retrain what we have learned from the past.

In this short video we listen to an old recording done for the army done to Peter and The Wolf around 1950. This recording may be the only one remaining and it is quite insightful.

Plein air, wildlife artist Stefan Baumann, host of the PBS painting series “The Grand View, America’s National Park Through the Eyes of an artist,” and author of “Observations Of Art and Nature” and “Everything You Need to Know about Plein Air Painting,” travels with his vintage trailer throughout America’s western landscapes painting stunning vistas on location with oils on canvas.

He adds finishing touches to his paintings of wildlife, western landscapes and National parks, portraits and still life in his studio in Mount Shasta, California.

Through Stefan Baumann’s fine art oil paintings and his captivating painting style, the American tradition of Romantic Realism with Luminism comes to life, thrilling art collectors and investors in the United States and internationally.


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