Line Art Cityscape

Line Art Cityscape – Digital artwork

In this video, we’ll go over digital line art techniques to conceptualize and render a detailed victorian cityscape using Photoshop.For comprehensive tutorials on this and other topics, be sure to check out source
How I Draw ANATOMY #2: Line of Action

Gesture drawing: Line of Action

Part 2 of my anatomy tutorial series will be demonstrating a very easy technique to add movement and life to your drawings. πŸ™‚ ANATOMY PLAYLIST: Subscribe: ART SUPPLIES I USED: Col-Erase pencil in Tuscan Red, Blue Woodless HB pencil 11Γ—14 sketchbook Music: Life of Riley – Kevin MacLeod ( FIND ME HERE: Instagram: […]
Drawing 3D Skyscraper on Line Paper – How to Draw

How to Draw a 3D Skyscraper – Vamos

Drawing 3D Skyscraper on Line Paper. How to Draw a Big Building Illusion. By Vamos. Drawing Skyscraper with pencil and pen. 3D trick art. βœ… Hungarian anamorphic artist Sandor Vamos creates incredible trick-of-the-eye, 3D drawings that seem to jump from the page. β–Ί β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”- Material used: Paper: A4, white card. Black Faber-Castell pen 0,7. […]
Writing Calligraphy in a Straight Line CROOKED CALLIGRAPHY

Writing calligraphy in a straight line – Crooked calligraphy

Get a FREE clickable guide to all the tools I mention in this video: Wanna learn calligraphy? Get fun, clear guidance from the very beginning! Follow my calligraphy shenanigans! Instagram: source
Trent39s Photoshop Cheats Line Art Effects

Improve the quality of a scanned sketch – Trent Kaniuga

Learn how to improve the quality of your scanned sketches. Photoshop digital painting video tutorial with commentary by Trent Kaniuga. Β  In this series, Trent Kaniuga showcases techniques for illustration, and how to improve your line art presentation in minutes. Learn to enhance your sketches and go from beginner to pro in minutes. Learn drawing […]
Paint a House and Birds in Flight LIne and Wash

Paint a House and Birds in Flight – Peter Sheeler

Simple and beautiful little watercolor painting. It could be a painting for beginners or an exercise for advanced artists who want to practice β€œsimplicity”.Β  Β  A quick and simple idea to use in your watercolors. *** Now selling my paintings on Ebay *** Link: Music: β€œDoes it ever rain in your soul”, β€œNo more […]
Drawing Rocket Raccoon pencilink line art Todd Nauck Art Livestream

Drawing Rocket Raccoon, pencil & ink line art – Todd Nauck

Pro comic artist, Todd Nauck, shows how he draws Rocket Raccoon on a Rocket Raccoon #1 blank sketch variant cover. See the art here: Follow Todd Nauck on these social networks: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: Deviant art: Official site: source
How to Create Clean Line Art in Procreate

How to Create Clean Line Art in Procreate

In this video I talk about how you can create clean line art in procreate using the pencil and pen brushes. I’d love to critique your work and do a paint over. To send in your work just follow these guidelines. 1. The art must be original and owned by the creator. No fan art. […]
Intro to Straight Line Block In

Intro to Straight Line Block-In

This is the exercise I give my students: Set up a brown paper bag, crumpled and twisted gently. Include a single egg. Draw only STRAIGHT LINES and NO SHADING. Work small, just 4-5 inches across per drawing, and put in mainly just the longest, most major lines and only a few secondary lines – just […]
Draw Everyday Challenge Magical Girl quotFlamequot Digital Drawing

Magical Girl "Flame" | Digital Drawing

Today is the start of my own personal challenge to draw a new Magical Girl Character each day for at least the rest of September. Today’s theme is β€œFlame”. + Check in tomorrow to see the next in the series! Prints Available Here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ source
How to Paint Over Line Art in Procreate

How to Paint Over Line Art in Procreate

In this video I show how to paint over your line art using procreate Follow me on Social media! instagram @austinbatchart facebook: tumblr: deviantart: I’d love to critique your work and do a paint over. To send in your work just follow these guidelines. 1. The image must be a high resolution […]