Paint a House and Birds in Flight – Peter Sheeler

Simple and beautiful little watercolor painting. It could be a painting for beginners or an exercise for advanced artists who want to practice “simplicity”. 


A quick and simple idea to use in your watercolors.

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Music: “Does it ever rain in your soul”, “No more winters” and “Yesteryear”
by Antonio Romo.
See him on Youtube :

PEN: A Platinum Century Fountain Pen with Ultra Extra Fine Nib.
INK: Platinum Carbon Black Ink. It is a pigment ink suitable for Fountain pens.

PAPER: Size- 5″x7″
Arches 140lb Hot Press Paper for this Video.
My papers of choice include Arches and Fabriano 140lb Hot press and Cold press paper and Strathmore 500 series Sketchbooks. All are 100% cotton rag.
For beginners, I recommend starting with a high quality paper and experimenting with different types. As your style develops, you’ll get a feel for which type is best. Waiting to switch to a better quality paper later will be much like learning to paint all over again.

MY PALETTE: All tube paints!
Winsor Newton- Yellow Ochre, Sepia, Burnt Sienna, Winsor Red, Davy’s Gray, Ultramarine, Sap Green.
DaVinci – Phthalo Blue, Quinachridone Fuchsia, Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Deep. **I plan to replace the Fuchsia with Winsor Newton Quinacridone Magenta when mine runs out.**
A note on Davy’s Gray: I rarely use this pigment straight and when using it I usually mix it with each colour used.

The palette is the mixing tray from a “Koi” Watercolour travel set. The colours are set up so the ones I mix together most often are close together.

BRUSH: An inexpensive, Curry’s brand, #3 and 3/8 inch brush.
BRUSH: A Polar Flo 1/2 inch flat brush is my current favorite. The bristle were originally white but have become stained.

REFERENCE IDEAS: come from my imagination/memory, my own photos or by painting on location. If I use a reference photo it will be included in the video.

This one was done from imagination/memory without a reference photo.

I rarely draw what I see. I tend to draw what I want to see. If I use a reference photo, I prefer to look at it on my phone screen, nothing bigger. I’m not looking for a scene to paint, I’m looking for an idea to paint. Once I begin drawing I’ll go for several minutes before I check the reference. Sometimes, once I’ve stared, I never refer to the reference again.


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