How to Draw a 3D Skyscraper – Vamos

Drawing 3D Skyscraper on Line Paper.

How to Draw a Big Building Illusion. By Vamos.

Drawing Skyscraper with pencil and pen. 3D trick art.

✅ Hungarian anamorphic artist Sandor Vamos creates incredible trick-of-the-eye,
3D drawings that seem to jump from the page.
Material used:
Paper: A4, white card.
Black Faber-Castell pen 0,7.
PRISMACOLOR EBONY graphite pencil.
Plastic rulers.
Plasticine eraser.
By Sandor Vamos. I’m Hungarian.
Copyright © New video Vamos. All rights reserved.
#VamosArtDrawing #Drawing3D #HowtoDraw3D


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