Skin Shading – SIMPLIFIED

A question I get asked often is: sure you sketch well Josh, but how do you shade the skin? I’ve had alot of practice shading skin since I used to do traditional pencil portraits for fun as a teen. Now I want to break down what I have learned into a few simple steps!

In this video, I sit down with you and explain every stroke that I make in order to shade this face. I explain the different choices I make since the model has darker skin tone, and go over everything in a way that can apply to both digital and traditional art!

So get your sketchbooks or tablets and give it a try yourself!

✘ My brushes and how to use them!
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Tablet: Ipad Pro 3rd Generation 12.9: 256 GB
Stylus: Apple Pencil
APP: Procreate
Stand: Parc Slope by Twelve South

Adobe Premiere Pro/
Adobe Audition /
Adobe After Effects /
Adobe Photoshop /
Streamlabs OBS

Camera – Sony A6400
Microphone – Shure SM7B
Mixer/Audio Interface – Sound Devices MixPre-6


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