Photoshop: BEST Workspace! — How to Start in Digital Art – Tutorial – Part 2

Welcome students to another video!

In this episode we will talk about Photoshop and its interface. How to best organize this software for Artists and not get overwhelmed by it? How to efficiently use each window and save time in your working process? It’s time to keep learning, so let the lesson begin!

Voice done by: Zach Costello —- ) [email protected]

1 – How can you have the most organized workspace? — 0:12
——— The 3 Zones in Photoshop:
2 – The Tools Zone — 0:33
3 – The Canvas Zone — 1:10
4 – The Color & Layers Zone — 1:54
5 – Homework — 3:57


For this video’s HW we invite you to draw anything you like using the working space we talked about. Don’t be afraid to show us your drawings! The best one will be featured in our next video as usual!

You can upload your Homework here:


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and don’t forget to keep drawing!

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