Should you take a PAID ONLINE ART CLASS?

Heyho! Today I wanted to tackle the question of taking an online Art class. Most of the time these classes seem like a great opportunity to improve your artwork and make progress, but on the other hand they are expensive, especially if you are still a student. So maybe you have saved up for one or two classes, but have no idea if you should take them, which ones you should take and how you make the most out of it. These are the reasons why I made this Video 🙂

This video is not sponsored or supported by CGMA. This is my opinion after taking one of their courses. I only speak about MY own experience. I’ve heard both, good and not so good things about different courses, so if you want to take any class other that the ones by Tyler Edlin, that I can fully recommend, please feel free to ask students who have taken the class you are interested in.

►CGMA Homepage:

Courses by Tyler Edlin:

►Fundamentals of Architecture Design Class:

►Fundamentals of Design Class:

►Tyler Edlins YouTube channel:

Other Sources for online Art classes (with a personal Mentor that gives you critiques)

► Schoolism:
You can either pay a montly fee to acess all their classes and watch the Video material. Or take a class with a mentor who gives you feedback

► Learn Squared:
Offers different Models on how you can take their courses (either with or without a mentor)
If you are interested in an in-depth review, check out this Blog post by Volen CK

► Other:
Furthermore if you want to Level Up yourself, before taking any classes or you are someone who doesn’t need/want or can’t afford a course right now, the guys from “Level Up” have compiled a huge list of free resources:

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The Artwork in this video is used with permission from Tyler Edlin 🙂


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