Fashion student at Uni, Drawing Class vlog – C NICOLE

Nicole is a fashion student at Uni. In this video she shows a bit of her drawing class and also shares some life-advice.


Hi Guys! Today you will come to my fashion school in London with me! I am going to show you a bit of my drawing/color theory class and also share a piece of advice for moving to another country. This is what an average day at uni looks like, without all the textile and design things that we do in fashion school as well.

Let me know what you think of this style of vlog and if you want to see more then leave your feedback in the comments and please subscribe 🙂

Insta – @c.nicole
Depop – @cnicole_

Where I’m originally from: Florida, USA
Where I’m currently located: London, England
What am I doing there: Studying Fashion Textiles/Design
Camera I use: iPhone 8+
Editing Software: iMovie


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