Achieving a good likeness in portrait sculpture requires getting the foundations right. In Strong Foundations, Amelia Rowcroft shares her method for creating a clay likeness from life or a photographic sitting with a model. The emphasis of the course is on the beginning stages of sculpting a head and training your eye to see objectively. With a solid structure in place, you can decide the finish you want to achieve.

Strong Foundations provides you with demonstration videos, downloadable notes and a full set of reference. You will begin by understanding how to see your model’s bone structure and blocking this out in clay. You will then build onto this skull-like form the big shapes of the face. Once you have the whole face blocked out, you can begin looking for smaller shapes, before adding final detail.

About Amelia…

Amelia Rowcroft has been working professionally as a figurative sculptor for 20 years. She creates fine art portraits and figurative sculptures. She has also worked commercially within the film industry and for the world’s leading wax figure museums. She studied at Central St Martins, Wimbledon School of Art and the Florence Academy.

Amelia is passionate about teaching the classical techniques of portrait sculpture.

When working as a freelance sculptor she met many fellow artists who were confident in their skills to sculpt most things, but felt that they had never been taught the core techniques of attaining a likeness of a person’s face.

She knows that finding an art school that teaches these traditional skills can be difficult and costly, and that people often do not have the time and/ or money to attend regular classes or go on residential courses.

She created Sculpting Masterclass as an alternative way of training your eye and learning how to sculpt a portrait at home, at your own pace and in a way that fits around your schedule.

She has tried to make the course as close as possible to the experience of sculpting alongside her in her studio, passing on all the techniques and tips she has picked up over the years.

Why not (virtually) join her in her studio and get sculpting!


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